Commercial Polished Concrete

Give your business a leg-up on your competitors with beautifully made polished concrete floors that increase your commercial value.

Polished concrete combines the hardness of concrete and the timeless look of tiles into a practical and stunning surface that’s a perfect match for any commercial space.

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Get the edge over your competitors with commercial concrete polishing. Beautifully polished concrete is the ideal choice for an unlimited range of commercial spaces including:

Industrial Sheds
Retail Shops
Public Buildings

A High End Look

The immense durability offered by concrete floors is unsurpassed, but concrete on its own is simply unappealing to look at. That’s why we’re here – to make your floor look outstanding! We can polish your concrete floor to any level of shine. We know what’s trending in floor design and can create a look that matches your tastes and interiors.

With the help of our interior designers, we can utilise tints, colours and dyes and implement different finishes and textures to create endless options for your commercial polished concrete floors. Whatever look you choose, we guarantee that the floor we create will leave a lasting impression.

Easy to Maintain

Did we mention that polished concrete floors are maintenance free? The amount of cleaning and upkeep required to keep polished concrete floors in good nick is far less than other flooring options out there. The smooth and flat surface is a dream to clean. This is a huge plus for any commercial space, especially when you need a nice-looking floor that will keep up with public appearances every day.

Polished Concrete for Retail Shops

Retail is the perfect sector to take advantage of concrete floors. Why? Not only are all the benefits listed above a necessity in retail, but we bet you won’t find any other flooring that even comes close to matching these benefits.

Here at Pyrafloor, we can create retail polished concrete floors to complement any colour scheme or vibe you want in your space. We have done work for all types of retails stores from boutiques right through to shopping centres, so we’re well equipped to complete your polished concrete flooring job.

Ideal for Heavy Foot Traffic

You can’t beat the toughness and durability of concrete, and polished concrete takes that benefit to a whole other level when the special coating is applied. Polished concrete is renowned for its longevity, making it ideal for commercial and public spaces that endure regular and heavy foot traffic.

And when we say polished concrete floors will last a long time, we’re not talking about years here. Your floor will last for decades – making it an obvious value for money choice for your commercial premises.

Choose Your Finish

Whatever look you prefer for your concrete floor, we can make it happen. We have three polished concrete floor finishes to choose from to suit your commercial space:

  • Cream
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Full Exposure

Colour tints and dyes can also be applied to add even more personality to your commercial polished concrete floors. Whether you want a colour that matches your branding or complements your overall colour scheme, we can mix up tints and dyes to create the look you desire.

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