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Welcome to Pyrafloor. Polished Concrete Floor Made the Way It Should Be.

Pyrafloor is an all inclusive floor finishing system for concrete. From the oldest, roughest concrete floor to a custom poured concrete floor – the Pyrafloor Polishing System creates a stronger, more durable, and abrasive resistant surface with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Our proven experience in managing large and small scale projects in commercial, industrial and residential projects ensures our clients can trust us to deliver the right solution, on time and on budget.

We’re experts at creating interior and exterior concrete polished floor masterpieces right across Australia. Want to find out more?

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Get the Most Out of Your Concrete Floor

Everything You Need in One Place

We live and breathe polished concrete, so whether you need interior or exterior polished concrete for your premises, you can depend on us to manage the entire installation of your polished concrete floor from start to finish.


Whether you want decorative concrete or the classic look of polished concrete floors, we’ll come up with a style that brings your vision to life.


We’ll manage the placement and installation of your concrete floors, so it’s done correctly the first time around and primed for proper finishing.


Using the industry’s best diamond tooling, chemicals, and polishing equipment, we’ll create the perfect finish on your floors so that it looks stunning and lasts a long time.

We’re experts at creating interior and exterior concrete polished floor masterpieces for clients all across Australia

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Industrial Polished Concrete

Get a clean, smooth and long-lasting polished concrete floor that can withstand heavy impact and the grind of daily use. Whether it’s for a factory or your warehouse flooring, Pyrafloor can help you create a polished concrete floor that’s safer and more functional for everyone. Learn more about our industrial polished concrete services.
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Residential Polished Concrete

Turn your home into a modern masterpiece with beautifully made polished concrete floors. We use cutting-edge tools and techniques to create the perfect finish on your polished concrete floors, making your living spaces truly breathtaking. Learn more about our residential polished concrete services.
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Commercial Polished Concrete

Make your commercial space stand out with polished concrete floors that leave your customers wanting to see more. We can modify your concrete floor, so it always stays on-brand, with a variety of customisations, tints and dyes, and decorative concrete finishes available. Learn more about our commercial polished concrete services.

10 Year Warranty

We create polished concrete floors with lasting impressions. Well, 10+ years of tough, hardwearing, durable concrete is what we love helping to create, so we offer a warranty to reflect it.

Tell me more about the lasting – 10 Year Warranty

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At Pyrafloor we know, no two floors are the same in any project

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Whether it be for residential or commercial purposes, you can’t go wrong with polished concrete. A polished concrete floor is modern, timeless and everlasting.

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