Why Pyrafloor?

At Pyrafloor, we’ve combined industry-leading chemicals, diamond tooling, and equipment to create an unrivalled polished concrete system. With a longer shine, easy maintenance, and full customization, Pyrafloor creates a stronger surface anywhere. From worn out concrete to a newly poured custom floor, Pyrafloor transforms your concrete into a beautifully polished surface that will stand the test of time.

Who uses Pyrafloor

If you look down and see a beautifully-finished concrete floor, you might be standing on a Pyrafloor. We work with contractors, architects, specifiers, designers, and consultants. The result? A spectacular polished concrete system that can be found everywhere – from residential, to commercial and industrial applications.

The Pyrafloor System


Polished Concrete Flooring is a durable and sustainable option. in comparision to other flooring solutions including vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles or linoleum Pyrafloor Poilshed concrete can last for up to 10 +years with a low maintenance and cleaning system.


Breathtaking polished concrete floors should never come at the expense of the earth. That’s why we use eco-friendly chemicals for hardening and sealing the concrete during the polishing process. You get the durable, beautiful, easy-to-maintain floor you want, with no harmful chemicals.

Creating the floor you want

Pyrafloor system is different. Creating anything from the industrialised polished concrete look we’ve created in Ikea stores, Pyrafloor has the ability to create a more sophisticated design using tints and colors. These tint and color products also mean you can create logos, icons or images on any concrete flooring surface.

Low Maintenace

Pyrafloor has a maintenace and cleaning system like no other. Across larger flooring areas in commercial and industrial flooring projects, mainteance is a simple addition to the already functional cleaning process. Using a dust mop, sweep or autoscrubber throughout the cleaning process ensures you maintain the high gloss finish that is left on your surface. Keeping your floors clean means you keep the same great impression for years to come.

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Technical Support

We work with you to find the best approach to suit your project’s unique situation. Our team has extensive knowledge about how our products and treatments will perform across a broad range of situations over the long-term.

Pyrafloor is a hard wearing floor finish and is largely being used in,

  • Industrial
  • Commrecial
  • Residential

Our Experience

Our proven experience in managing large and small scale projects in commercial, industrial and residential projects ensures our clients can trust us to deliver the right solution, on time and on budget.

Pyrafloor is an all inclusive floor finishing system for concrete. From the oldest, roughest concrete floor to a custom poured concrete floor – the Pyrafloor Polishing System creates a stronger, more durable, and abrasive resistant surface with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Floors we love,