Do you know what beauty lies underneath old vinyl, carpet, timber or tiles?

At Pyrafloor we know, no two floors are the same in any project refurb. Working with builders, designers and the architects it’s important to understand what the finish product will look like overall.

Working with reputable, accredited applicators Pyrafloor Polished Concrete continues to create lasting impressions in residential, commercial and and retail refurbishment projects.

Often by polishing up a small pad of concrete on site the project each party, the owner, builder, designer and architect can understand exactly how shiny, how much stone exposure, what the slip resistance will be and for your applicator to understand the floor completely before they begin.


Polished Concrete Floors stone exposure

  • Cream Polish, no stone exposure
  • Salt and pepper, a light grind revealing a low stone exposure. Often also referred to as a Hit and Miss as the stone can be scattered in some areas more than others
  • Mid to Full Exposure, a heavier diamond grind in the first pass – 2 to reveal and exposure more stone and aggregate


Repairing your older floor in the refurb process

  • Specifically products can be used including C2 Crack Fix hairline and surface cracks to work with further movement. Depending on the depth and extent of the cracks other cementitious or liquid grout and repair products may be used for the application
  • Joints and Structural areas of the slab also need to be repaired. Commonly products including C2 Joint Fill are used in these applications as a structural repair product.

Fast setting qualities of the C2 Joint Fill and Crack Fix allow faster turnarounds in the initial process.



Polished Concrete Floor Gloss Levels

  • Matte, Matte finished floors provide an industrial or rustic polished concrete floor finish with minimal to no official reflection.
  • Satin, a mid range floor, one of the most popular polished mechanically using a Lithium or Potassium silicate and resin polishing pads before being sealed with C2 Protector, C2 Seal or C2 Ultra seal to achieve the desired finish
  • Gloss, a shiny, reflective polished concrete floor sealed with a product like C2 Seal or C2 Ultra seal


Hardening Old Concrete Floors for Polishing

On older, or softer floors (poured at 25MPA) there is sometimes a requirement to densify and harden the floor more prior to the initial grind. In this instance your Pyrafloor applicator will discuss options with you to ensure you get the very best out of your floor.

Creating lasting impressions includes hard wearing, dust proof, long lasting floors that you’ll be proud of.


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