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At Pyrafloor, we’ve combined industry-leading chemicals, diamond tooling, and equipment to create an unrivalled polished concrete system.

With a longer shine, easy maintenance, and full customization, Pyrafloor creates a stronger surface anywhere. From worn out concrete to a newly poured custom floor, Pyrafloor transforms your concrete into a beautifully polished surface that will stand the test of time.

Pyrafloor is an all-inclusive floor finishing system for concrete. From the oldest, roughest concrete floor to a custom poured concrete floor – the Pyrafloor Polishing System creates a stronger, more durable, and abrasive resistant surface with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

› Can be installed on any concrete floor finish

› Create a lasting impression by adding a touch of tint or colour

› No two floors are the same

› Fast, easy, effective installation


Let’s discuss how Pyrafloor can work with you on your interior design, styling or property upgrade project.

Only a phone call away we’d love to get to know your concrete floors better.



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