It’s 2018 and consumers are looking for a nice, consistent place to go. Meet friends, chit and chat, hold business meetings, meet for a quick coffee before work, and join there after the gym or brunch for a Saturday morning feast.

It’s all about creating lasting impressions.

After years of interior design and property stying from décor to lighting, music through to the floors, we’ve pieced together this year’s best trends to get a look that has your customer’s instagramming and talking about your great food, products and service for weeks and years to come!


Colouring it right

Natural colours are a great way to give a clean consistent finish against an impressive polished concrete floors. The beauty of polished concrete floors is the wall, ceiling and finishing is limited only to the imagination.

Any colour, shade, texture or style can be added while still maintaining a clean, classy theme across your café or restaurant scene.

Contemporary colours including whites, creams, browns, greys and black ensure the tables, chairs and surroundings detail shines through and give the furniture it’s right full place.

Well-polished concrete floors give a nice perfect reflection, so it’s great to be able to see all the elements shine through.

Modern interiors is all about having a clean consistent interior with less clutter.

If you’re looking for a bold boisterous atmosphere with lots of noise, and movement, brighter colours work well with polished concrete flooring. Setup by the Cheeky Poke bar, or a popular bar in the hub of town for unlimited options of colour, graffiti, bright shades, wall paintings, coloured furniture and interiors to make help set the scene.


Give it some light

empty cafe

Regardless of the style, seating or layout of your restaurant of café space it’s essential that you get the lighting right. When it comes to food and ambience, nothing sets the mood faster than the lighting and reflection of your floor.

The layout of your lights with a polished concrete floors is a critical component as each shadow and light gives an impressive reflection. Lighting now day’s offers creative, the original, different shapes, sizes, colours and materials to add drama, mystery, magic or tone to your café and restaurant eating area.

Polished concrete flooring has proven to decrease lighting costs in a working environment as the reflection and lighting provides efficiency.

Lighting in an upbeat party venue or storehouse will be very different to a restaurant designed for a romantic evening out over a few glasses of wine.

Regardless of the kind of atmosphere you’re working for our need to consider what the key points are to match the ambience you are looking for.


Bring the vibe inside

open plan cafe with high ceilings

Colours and textures play a large part of an impressive interior design and styling in a café, restaurant or bar area.

Colours in your café, bar or restaurant area can help make your customers happy, boost their appetite, make your dining area feel more spacious, or increase your table turnover. Paints, chairs, and decorations also play a large part of the colour within the area and can have a negative impact on your customers emotions.

We recommend taking a look at the where you can find more specific information about the Psychology of Colours when it comes to food.

Considering this, you can work any colour, texture or design into your new Pyrafloor Polished Concrete Flooring space, and bring your scene to life!


Keep it neutral

close up of polished concrete floor

Natural materials including wood, marble, concrete, rock and other similar textiles are a great way to blend the café, bar or restaurant area together.

Having a feature wall can be a great way to bring your polished concrete flooring together with the surroundings.

Interior design is enhanced with exposed bricks, metal frames, wood and polished concrete – along with recycled.

Warm and rustic, raw and industrial, depending on what elements you choose.


Bring the outdoors, in.

tall pot plant next to drawers

The shift towards spaces that bring outdoors inside is set to continue. Greenery always adds a buzz to your space. Think floor to ceiling windows that overlook the majestic outdoors, bi-fold doors, or louvre spread windows to soften and divide the inside to the out. Lush green plants, ferns, or leafy greens help ensure the interiors always stay looking sharp and give some fresh ambience in the room.


Bringing it all together, 

person waiting in line at a cafe

Polished concrete floors are fast becoming the no. 1 choice in vibrant food communities. It’s a way of creating natural, neutral fitouts as well as keeping things clean, classy and a little creative.

Not only will you find Pyrafloor Polished Concrete floors in these areas, you can see them at the Cheeky Poke Bar, Fortitude Valley. Fish and Chips Manly NSW Harbour, Boss Burger Co – Melbourne, The Bakery Duck café, Toowoomba and many more impressive food spaces.


Lets’ talk. If it’s time for you to get started with a new modern interior fitout and refurb on your café , restaurant, bar or steakhouse, we’re here to help.

With a team of creative in house designers we can put you in contact with the right contractor to help your project come to life.

Amongst your list of branding, colours, signage, lighting, the entrance, and furniture will come endless possibilities for your new polished concrete floor.

Step it up and call one of our team today to discuss our upcoming flooring project.

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