Summit Concrete Polishing

Pyrafloor polished concrete flooring unlike superficial concrete floor coatings, Pyrafloor flooring system penetrates deep into the core of the concrete and chemically bonds and reacts with the particles to create a considerably higher, more wear resistant, stronger concrete floor surface.

This offers ideal conditions for daily traffic of heavy vehicles and machinery.

  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Suitable for forklift traffic or other wheeled equipment
  • Concrete dusting is eliminated for 10+ years and often significantly more when maintained correctly right from the start.
  • There is no topical coating to wear off and reapply
  • Warehouse polished concrete cost is significantly lower than full concrete polishing as seen in retail, showroom and high end flooring project environments.
  • The floor is more easily maintained
  • Tyre marks are reduced and are more easily removed
  • Forklift Tyre life – wear and tear is extended
  • Can be applied in hot or cold temperatures
  • Stain protection may be added depending on the sealer used and finished required.

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Maintenance costs are reduced and the flooring never has to be replaced. For an industrial environment, concrete floor maintenance is extremely important, hence the reason for Pyrafloor Polished Concrete being so practical, affordable and effective.

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